Mulching Vines in Condrieu

Apr 20, 2019

Our first trial of mulching with miscanthus and sunflower at Domaine Bott, Condrieu appellation-Northern Rhone Valley

For a culture respectful of the environment, mulching allows to stop the growth of weeds. Some of our vineyards, as in Condrieu, are not mechanisable by their steep slope, their reduced accessibility (terrace, “chaillets”) and their soil subject to erosion (decomposed granite). So this type of mulching fights effectively against weeds but that’s not all… It also promotes water infiltration, reduces heat reflection and lessens water evaporation from the soil. After studies, it has also been found that mulching promotes biological activity, in short there is life!

This test will allow us to choose what kind of mulching we choose to mulch the entire parcel. Miscanthus or sunflower? To follow…

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