Digger in action before plantation

Apr 20, 2019


Watch the video —> Julie Bott & Digger in action!

Terracing in progress of the terroir of Seyssuel and Chasse sur Rhône, a terroir of mica schist. Julie Bott in action!

Mining/terracing is about preparing the soil before planting. In the Northern Rhone Valley, in our appellations of Condrieu, Côte-Rôtie, Saint-Joseph and Seyssuel, the winegrowers have no choice but to use excavators given the steep slopes. While dealing with the slope (ranging from 30 to 40%) and the structure of the plots, the excavators return the earth about 80cm deep allowing us to remove the roots… It’s physical work and in the evening there is no need to go to the gym!

Thanks to Momo (excavator driver) the best of the region! Head down and in the bucket, let’s go!

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